Beware of "yellow" for severe storms and strong winds since tonight


The municipal Hydrometeorology Directorate reports that from the 22nd and during dawn, storms with varying intensity are estimated, some strong with intense gusts and deposits

The Municipality of La Plata is elevated to the "Yellow" level of attention to different intensity storms, with gusts of wind tonight and Sunday morning in the morning. Prevention tasks are maintained by sink cleaning, and monitoring climate conditions.

As reported from the Directorate of Hydrometeorology of the Commune, it is hoped that "between 22nd Saturday and 6th Sunday there is a storm front line with varying intensity, some strong gusts and heavy rain in a short time."

In view of this, the Risk Level of Attention was raised to "Yellow" for this morning and was informed that the active guards of the City Emergency Committee (COEM) would be maintained until weather conditions improved, which was expected before dawn. tomorrow

In this context, the city government prepares guards for the operational team, which consists of personnel from various communal regions and provincial representatives, who continue to work on the prevention and maintenance of rainwater networks.

According to a report from the Directorate of Hydraulics Commune, the task of drainage and storm surge cleaning has been carried out in various city points, which are coordinated with the work of cleaning the flow.

Whereas from the Public Space and Environmental Management Secretariat, survey tree branches and objects outside the home that can cause discomfort in the event of wind gusts.

On the other hand, COEM maintains active guards to follow the flow and verify their flooding through the city's Hydrometeorological System radar, which allows obtaining real-time data about the same behavior, amount of rainfall and waterway conditions.


Facing this prognosis, it is recommended that people circulate carefully on public roads, do not touch cables or lamp posts and remove pots or other objects that can be blown from balconies and windows.

At the same time, it is recommended not to dispose of waste, given that they can cause clogging of waterways and prevent normal water runoff, causing stagnant water on roads and sidewalks.

In the same way, it must be remembered that in emergency cases neighbors will be able to communicate with 103 Civil Defense and 911 Police; while to make claims or orders, they can do it on 147 hotlines.


The agency also detailed at 8:40 a.m. (when the rain stopped) the level of accumulated rainfall in various parts of the city.

Until then at Plaza Olazábal it was recorded 23.1 mm, at Villa Elvira; 6.5 mm, at Villa Elisa: 26.1 mm, at Melchor Romero: 7.4 mm, while in Los Hornos the level reaches 6.2 mm.


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