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Betty Elizalde, the figure of the Argentine radio symbol, died

Betty Elizalde died at 78 Source: Archive

"I don't know what life is like without radio," Betty Elizalde, who died after struggling for years to fight long and hard diseases, at the age of 78, once wondered. This statement of principles that encapsulates all life in a few words is as relevant as the question of what radio in Argentina does not have. For now, he will lose one of his best voices. He went further than anyone in the creation of imaginary fantasies, stimuli and interesting scenarios of seduction that emanated from his presence in
Seven months Crandall and also an aggressive and violent conductor of a cycle that survives with strength and conviction from a position of astonishing candor and unshakable authenticity. In his most imaginative cycle and when he saw reality, Elizalde never stopped asserting his beliefs and recording from the microphone how he fought for them.

He prefers to do it almost always in solitude because he doesn't feel comfortable among the people. "I have a lot of trouble moving among people, going to parties is an inconvenience because it means meeting people I don't know, making new connections, all things that I can't communicate in my personal life, I can comment on it like I'm doing now on the radio, "he said once. When he arrived on the radio, at the age of 18, he had given himself some evidence of the behavior, illuminated by the initial rebellion to several family orders. "I grew up in the Inquisition, everything artistic was considered a masterpiece", he came to confess.

He was born Beatriz Deolinda Bistagnino on January 4, 1940, in a very conservative family. As a girl he played the piano, dreamed of theater and even imagined the future as a doctor. "I said I knew what the Inquisition was because in my house they were ultra-Catholics, with Spanish grandmothers and mothers who were entirely left to the mother, an old and holy devotee but very bad, even if she prayed a lot." Everything was very stiff and tight, and I was a leaf in the wind, my father was a very sensitive person, an Italian son and an anarchist soul, although my mother and grandmother conspired against him, "he recalls on one occasion. So tight was everything when he arrived at home one day when he was a teenager and said that he wanted to become an announcer after attending Radio Splendid's live broadcast, his father replied: "In this house we don't want …".

He was so sure of the fate he had obtained from an aunt loaning the money needed to register at ISER and at the age of 18 he made his debut on radio, the media that consecrated him and gave him the best in his life for more than fifty years. During this time, he became one of the classical radio figures and voiceover. It surpasses his esteemed colleagues, Nucha Amengual and Nora Perlé in accompanying listeners every night with unmatched value of seductive and gentle voices, and built at the same time, especially in consecutive seasons.
Always Betty, the cycle of his head, a place that is highly respected as an interviewer and observer of reality.

He is a methodical, demanding and strict professional. Because he likes to experiment with sound, he enjoys the possibility of reproducing in radio studios as the climate of any street conversation and therefore experimenting with the proximity or remoteness of his location in front of a microphone, which causes him more than one disgust with operators who are not used to working with him. "It's good to make a statement in the air that the door is opened, among the guests, I told him:" how are you doing? "And he greeted me from the door, then he came closer and through that who listened. It forms a real idea of ​​what happened in the studio, I don't need to tell it, the sound emits it," he said in an interview published on the radial site Narrativa.

Betty Elizalde is a methodical, demanding, and thorough professional
Betty Elizalde is a methodical, demanding, and thorough professional Source: Archive

A good radial mystic defender and production team, he tries to avoid by all means that other screens pollute his programs or influence the choice of topics to be discussed. He preferred good conversations without limited time (the compilation of his best talks with major figures became the Perfiles book, published in 1999) and the style of communication in which he defined himself as "the journalist". They are very reminded of their participation in an unforgettable cycle like
Green chicken and
A fine day From this last program, he always said that he was "in the heart" because there emerged intimate friendship with Tomás writer Eloy Martínez. He is also very close
Fernando Peña whom he considered almost as a brother.

Elizabethan always gives great value to the Accountability Mechanism and is a strong listener of all types of journalistic programs. From his intense enthusiasm and professionalism, he had no hassle in saying that it was very disturbing to see how people without proper training claimed their place in the microphone. He also said that he was sorry because in recent years radio had become a field of "wrong opinions and confrontation between journalists and broadcasters".

He made a television, but was marked from the beginning by a radial trace. We met his face and the perfect diction on screen in 1981, when together with César Mascetti and Silvio Huberman he was presented every morning
From 7 to 8, in duplex with Radio Belgrano. Luis Clur, the director of journalistic shipping, immediately promoted it and handled it
Midday with Betty The same year. Then he tried his luck with a consumer defense program
(Defend yourself in 13) and he had no luck in the attack on journalistic documentaries
It happens like this, too marked by yellowness in observing police events.

They occasionally appeared, because Betty Elizalde's place wasn't on TV but on the radio. He won two Martín Fierro, one Konex, three Clarín awards and won many other local and international awards. And at the end of 2009 he celebrated his golden wedding with radio. At that time, as he always did throughout his career, he responded to all congratulations, congratulations and thanks with the hose he reviewed every time he appeared. Another statement of principle: "Here are old women who are not worthy, use the oldest office in the world, communication." Everyone knows that the sentence is a game. In a daily agreement, in love for the people he loves, in the deep love he has for radio, Betty Elizalde makes a cult of dignity. And he maintained that behavior to the end, even in hard times when he had to claim in 2015 for drugs not given by his health.

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