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Belgrano tied it to Students on the hour and with one fewer player

At home, Estudiantes de Río Cuarto defeated Belgrano 1-0 on the 10th of the First National and he was very happy, but … Belgrano tied him 47 minutes into the second half, when he had one less player for the expulsion of Hernán Bernardello.

Students win 1-0 for goals Alan Vester, at 25 minutes, after his free kick was deflected into the barrier.

Belgrano's goal reached 47, for Rodrigo Erramuspe, who pushed the left footed shot from Quiroga after the ball stopped.

With this result, Students achieve 18 points and are three of Homemade Students, which has two fewer games. While Belgrano, has 11 points.

On the next date, the people of Río Cuarto faced a pointer. And Pirate will be local in New Chicago. The date will be played the first weekend of November.

That is 1-0

That's 1-1

Match commentary

He started the Pirate better than he had 10 minutes where it seemed like he would keep the score. During that time, Peralta had a double cover on Techera and Longo, which was the key to maintaining the score.

After that, the game enters a bad game where everything is inaccurate and fails to be executed in an attack. The students wanted it, but Belgrano's calmness and exhausting play from the visit made him disheveled.

The ball to Vegetti or Borja doesn't work, but at least they have a ball far from the Rigamonti area. The end of the first half is goalless, with few games and a bad referee who just wants to "kick" the game.

When it seemed he was running out of nothing and with one less for the expulsion of Bernardello, Belgrano's heart could with the wishes of the Student and achieve a draw in the 47th minute of the second set. After pushing his opponent and making use of one of the many centers he throws.

Quiroga with "the mute" can get a bad center and booty Erramuspe makes a tie that really matches what is seen in court, because both the place and also the visit are not appropriate to keep everything.
Belgrano saved one point at the end of the game, but again had a weak game, with a little idea and a little game.

The student really wants to celebrate, because he has it "in the bag" but gets a bad grade at a close point and is distributed.


Student: Adrián Peralta; Gastón Benavídez, Emanuel Martínez Schmith, Alan Vester and Lautaro Formica; Nahuel Cainelli, Gastón Bottino, Alejandro Cabrera and Víctor Beraldi; Ibrahim Hesar and Bruno Sepúlveda. DT: Marcelo Vázquez.

Belgrano: César Rigamonti; Rodrigo Erramuspe, Ignacio Vázquez, Joaquín Novillo, Juan Quiroga; Cristian Techera, Hernán Bernardello, Santiago Longo and Nahuel Luján; Enrique Borja and Pablo Vegetti. DT: Julio Constantin

Purpose: PT, 25m Vester (E). ST, 47m Erramuspe (B).

Change: PT, 36m Maximiliano Zbrun by Schmidt (E). ST, 13m Leonardo Sequeira by Borja (B). 13m Lucas Suarez for Formica (E) and Javier Ferreira for Cuello (E); 23m Gastón González by Techera (B); 29m Gonzalo Lencina for Longo (B).

Be warned: Cainelli, Vester (E); Steer, Erramuspe, Quiroga (B).

Expelled: ST, 36m Bernardello (B), for rough play.

Stadium: Student Referee: Ramiro López.


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