Being dehydrated can reduce your libido and even make sex painful


When you don't get enough water, your body can react in various ways, such as headaches, difficulty sleeping, or dry skin. One of the most surprising signs of dehydration, however, involves your sex life can be affected both physically and emotionally.

Fatigue, irritability, problems related to erection or vaginal dryness are some side effects because they are not sufficiently hydrated. Therefore, drink water abundantly can benefit you in various ways.

It turns out that drinking enough water and stress levels are closely related. The body needs fluid to function efficiently and when it's rare It can affect the organism as a whole.

A 2011 study published at British Nutrition Journal found that mild dehydration affects cognitive performance and mood in young men, shows increased real anxiety and tension even when you are resting. Other studies have shown that the same effect in women is lack of water.

Other jobs maintain low water intake produce an increase in cortisol, stress related hormones. Anxiety is one of the big enemies of sex, so if that happens it may be the frequency in which their intimate relationship decreases.

Of course, drinking more water won't magically reduce your stress levels, but it will help your body respond to external stressors more easily. And the more stressful you are, more opportunities there will be increased libido.

Headaches reduce the desire to have sex.
Headaches reduce the desire to have sex.

Another most common symptom is dehydration headache, disorders that interfere with the desire to maintain intimate relationships. That is why it is recommended to drink water and not let headaches become a barrier to pleasure.

Dehydration causes dry skin and Your intimate area can also be affected. The vagina must be well lubricated before penetration occurs in sexual intercourse, but may experience discomfort and even pain.

The lack of water in the organism causes a decrease in elasticity in the vaginal wall, which produces vaginal dryness, both inside and outside, and difficulties for natural lubrication.

Also, this lack of hydration can also occur affect your ability to reach orgasm. The body needs oxygen to function and as good as it does, it is more likely to experience maximum pleasure.

According to Health, there is also a connection between dehydration and erectile dysfunction. Oxygen is needed for reach and maintain an erection, because of the need for adequate blood flow for the sexual organ. When the level of fluid in the body drops, angiotensin, a hormone that can cause blood vessels to contract, is released. This prevents blood flow throughout the body, including the penis.


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