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Bariloche: a young man took his own life after his best friend accused him of sexual abuse

Bariloche: a young man took his own life after his best friend accused him of sexual abuse

His friend, underage, admitted that he made a complaint in "when anger and anger", and apologized.

An 18-year-old boy accused of sexual abuse by his best friend – who later publicly apologized and admitted that it was a lie – killed himself a week ago.

It all began in early December, when Agustín Muñoz, who came from Bariloche, participated in a women's parade which, under the slogan "Never again alone, never calmed down", gathered dozens of young people in the city center to remember the women who died were killed and called for an end to the violation.

At the parade a list of alleged perpetrators was read. That's when his friend A. reported him for sexual abuse, leaving it as evidence in front of the people present and then in publications that went viral on social networks.

"In the middle of the parade they shouted his name and he was stunned. The first thing that hit was running home, arriving on that desperate day and telling me what had happened," said Silvina Castañeda, mother of Agustin, in dialogue with portal Bariloche 2000

"When we went to look for publications, it was naturalized. I made contact with this girl and reconsidered. We had a great affection for her and she apologized quickly to try to stop everything." In the message, her son's friend apologized and ask how they can fix it. "I don't want more quilombos," he wrote.

In his network, Silvina published a chat with the young woman and caught a public request at apology A. "Today a girl wrote my child on Instagram because she was angry and now she doesn't know how to stop the ball," he wrote. "Playing with this is terrible, it is a mockery of all victims of rape, abuse and humiliation." He added: "And to you A. that we are very concerned about you at home, I do not understand how you pay my child his friendship! Apologizing is not enough."

"That is a time of anger and anger," the young woman wrote on her Instagram account, which is no longer active, to correct her complaints. "I don't know how to see the limits of this." He also apologized "for defamation" and "for sending me more than once in his home with high confidence." "You learn from mistakes and I send them to you," he concluded.

"We love him very much and I think that is also the reason why he apologizes quickly for trying to stop everything," said Silvina, who also said that Agustín forgave A. "because they really love each other". However, the complaint did not stop being naturalized and his son was depressed: "He is very bad, in bed, he does not want to eat".

On Sunday, December 23, in the same publication where he posted messages of young women and apologies, Silvina finally gave news of the suicide of her son. "My son died yesterday with a broken heart," he wrote.

This Saturday, Agustín's parents published a video asking for warnings and detention regarding this type of complaint.

"It is common knowledge that he took his life a few weeks ago," Silvina said in the film. "Agustín was not there, it was a decision he made, drastic, drastic. He did not receive enough restraint. I asked you to become aware that we were playing with something very subtle."

"Here we are accompanied by young people who are asking for silence, from their company, to settle, to complete these escraches that are not functioning," he said.

He concluded: "As a mother, as a mother, accompanied by her father, I urge you to take care of our children. That we take care of our children because there is no longer Agustín".

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