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Author Amos Oz died, controversial voice of Israeli pacifism – 12/28/2018

"Someone had a discussion with his wife who had to reduce waste and, suddenly, it happened because he did it in language Song of Songs", He pondered Amos Oz shortly after winning Prince Asturias Award of Letters in 2007. Also, with a dichotomy that places the old and the new in tension, lives, writes and works on novelists, journalists, and academics who died on Friday 28 at the age of 79 years.

"My dear father died of cancer after a rapid setback while sleeping peacefully and calmly surrounded by people you love", tweeted his daughter Fania Oz Salzberger at the beginning of the Israeli afternoon, near the middle of the morning of Argentina. The lives and works of leading writers were mixed, united and also emphasized what could be taken for granted. Loved and discussed, always maintaining deep coherence in supporting the improvement of the world.

The author participated in the Six Day War, in 1967, and on Yom Kippur, 1973. Then, in the 70s, he one of the founders of the Israeli Peace Now movement (Shalom Ajshav), supports the solution to conflict with Palestine based on the creation of two countries. In his books, with prose and through his story, unite in several ways the milenarian cultural heritage of the Jews with the identity and reality of modern Israel.

His last novel published, Judas (2015), translated in more than 30 languages, denied the betrayal of Jesus more with detective than theological spirit in the context of a sad love story that happened in 1959. Anyone who enters Oz's literary world can choose his favorite path, even though in all there is exploration of the plot or the underlying context. the suffering and tension of contemporary Israeli society, marked by ideological and geographical boundaries.

Amos Oz

Amos Oz "Jews and Palestinians are two disadvantaged families and the road is bad." / Clarín file

Dear Mijael (1968) tells of Jana's marriage being unhappy and parallel to Jerusalem, a city that does not stop changing, but is always filled with certain sadness or melancholy. A panther in the basement (1995) tells of the relationship that arose between a Jewish child and a British police sergeant during 1947, in late Jerusalem The British Mandate in Palestine. Among friends (2013) collect eight stories in an imaginary Yikhat kibbutz, where in addition to telling beautiful and touching personal stories, shows a very unknown reality outside Israel.

"I offer morning literature, then I take a nap and in the afternoon I have to fight for peace. I wrote by hand, with different pens, one blue, one black, according to whether it was a novel or an article that opposed the Government. I have never mixed it up, "he said years ago in an interview. Besides his essay, he wrote an opinion column that was almost always called a way out of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which, he said, would not be resolved by the colonies.

In what color is the original script Love story and darkness (2003), his autobiography, was taken to the cinema two years later by his Hollywood-born compatriot Natalie Portman, who bought film rights, made a script adaptation, filmed in Jerusalem, directed and acted in the role of Oz's mother.

Son of a right-wing Zionist family who fled in 1917 from Odessa to Palestine, he was born in Jerusalem on May 4, 1939. He was nine years old when the state of Israel was proclaimed and only 15 in 1954 when he left home and left Klausner's surname to adopt Oz, which in Hebrew means "courage." Two years before his mother committed suicide and since then, and for two decades, the author lived in the Kibbutz Hulda, which was his training room during the epic era of Israel's creation.

"Kibbutz is a great effort to change human nature, but it may not be because it cannot be changed ", he reflected last year in an interview, posted in the city of Tel Aviv, forty years later from a young man who gave his first income as a writer to the treasurer of his agrarian community while studying Literature and Philosophy at the Hebrew University Jerusalem, between 1960 and 1963, when he published his first short story.

He also studied at Oxford University. Since 1991 he has been a member of the Hebrew Language Academy and for many years the Literature Professor at Ben-Gurion University at Sheba Beer, in the Negev, and a member of the European Academy of Science and Art. Among other acknowledgments, he won the Israeli Prize for Literature in 1988; Goethe in 2005 and was a repeat candidate for the Nobel Prize.

One of Israel's leftmost intellectuals, and a member of the Meretz Social-Democratic pacifist party. He wrote without fatigue opposed to Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories in every newspaper that gave him space and considered war crimes, the operation of the Israeli Defense Forces during the Conflict in the Gaza Strip between 2008 and 2009.

Until the last day, Oz he works to improve the world with tools at your fingertips. Already with gifts and white hair, disappointed with the kibbutz experience but equally committed to his plan to improve the world, in 2015 he stressed that the survival of the State of Israel requires the creation of an independent Palestinian State and that coexistence of the two countries That is the road to peace in the region. Some of the people in power call them "traitors", most of whom consider him a hero and an undisputed reference.

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