Audio that Emiliano Sala sent to his friends from the plane


After his former teammate Bordeaux from Ligue 1 Diego Rolan will reveal that Argentina has sent messages to friends from inside the plane, the WhatsApp audio has leaked.

Striker Santa Fe, who played his entire career in France, has expressed fear for a trip to his former teammate Nantes at lunch held on Monday, he said Nicolas Pallois to the Gallic site 20 minutes

Sala had been on the plane for Nantes and had suffered flights: "It's busy"He told his former colleagues at lunch.

Private aircraft take off on Monday at 19:15 a.m. Nantes Atlantique airport in France towards Cardiff city. In the Malibu Piper PA-46 single engine passenger list is the name of Emiliano Sala's goalscorer, but little is known about the rest of the flight participants.

Flight to the capital Wales, but within an hour of starting his journey he communicated with the control tower Guernsey Island for the last time before disappearing on the radar near the lighthouse Casquets. He asked permission for an emergency landing when he was at 2,300 feet, but then he did not issue another message.

Since then, the plane was declared missing and the procedure to find it began. However, due to lack of light and weather conditions, work was postponed and will resume after dawn on Wednesday.

Director of air search Canal Islands, John Fitzgerald, giving his first impression of what happened in an interview with the portal So Foot: "If they are truly underwater, I would say that there is no possibility of finding them alive." I went swimming the other day and lasted for 30 minutes. The temperature of the water is too cold, people who sink may not last more than an hourunless you have protection. "

This Tuesday, before night falls, that Police from Guernsey revealed that he found what remains could be a plane, even though he could not determine it. "During a 15-hour search, which used a lot of air and sea resources from the Channel Islands, England and France, some floating objects have been seen in the water. We have not been able to confirm whether all of this is from the missing plane, "the report explained.

"We have not found their signs on the ship, if they land on the water, Unfortunately, the chances of survival at this stage are rare. Two planes and lifeboats are still searching, "he concluded, a few minutes after the message, they announced the completion of work for today.

Complete audio that Sala sent to his friends:

"Hello, little brother, how are you doing crazy little things? Brother, I'm dead, I'm here in Nantes doing things and things and it doesn't end anymore, it doesn't end anymore, so there are no children -Children, I'm here on a plane that seems messy and I'm going to crazy Cardiff that tomorrow we have started in the afternoon to practice with a new team to see what's going on, so … how are you, okay? If in one half an hour they have no news about me, no I know if they will send someone to look for me because they won't find me, but you know … Father, how scary I am. "


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