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Audio that doubts Maradona's future in Mexico

Field assistant Diego Maradona at the Dorados de Sinaloa, Luis Islas criticized audio problems with team leadership and questioned DT's sustainability.

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Former Argentine goalkeeper and field assistant Diego Maradona At the Dorados de Sinaloa of Mexico, Luis Islas revealed in audio the reason that would confirm his distance from the club and question Maradona's continuity.

Islas criticized the team's owner, Jorge Alberto Hank Inzunza, and president, José Antonio Núñez, for arming the team last season and will do it again for the next. Also, he said that they did not have the time to call him to improve their continuity. "Clearly one must understand that there is no intention to continue," the former goalkeeper claims.

He added: "Diego is my friend, I love him, I adore him, I respect him, we love each other, but I speak for myself, I cannot speak for Diego; Diego speaks for Diego. Yesterday I talked to him, we worked separately , very good and the results appeared. Unfortunately I did not have a contract with Dorados, so as a football coach I began to see other options. "

"With Diego yesterday (last Saturday) I talked, I talked every day, but this is something professional. With Diego, we are friends and we will continue to work and for a long time. As a professional, as a soccer coach, I don't can appear to work if I don't have a contract, "said the assistant Maradona

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