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Attorney Barreda tries to avoid the suicide of wild beasts Tolosa | Chronicle

Lawyer Eduardo Gutiérrez, who defends Ricardo Barreda who slaughtered his family, spoke by telephone with Juan Chirino, the person who killed his stepson and wounded his wife, from the door of the house in Tolosa where he had barricaded himself and asked him to surrender. Apart from negotiations, the killer committed suicide.

Chirino talked to a friend who asked him how much they could give him for the crime of the baby. The message came to Gutiérrez and shortly after he called Chirino to advise him and asked him to surrender. Gutiérrez told the press that he was waiting for the people of Grupo Halcón to give him OK to enter and interview him when the shot was heard.

The attorney was still anxious and sorry that he could do nothing to prevent Chirino's suicide. The Falcon Group tried to make the man surrender, but it was only around 3:30 a.m. that police entered the house after hearing gunshots, after throwing a Flash Bang grenade.

Soledad Marcos, mother Ciro, He gave details about what happened at the house he shared with Chirino and his children. He said that he had criticized him several times, but he "returned to him because he thought he would change". After burying his son, Marcos stated at the 6th Police Station in La Plata, where he met with relatives and for an hour said that he had a problem with his colleague.they have been standing for a long time", which I have denounced him"n 2015 and 2016, but I will be back with him because I think he will change ".

On the day of the event, his colleague got up "at 5.30 or 5.45 in the morning and it seems strange for him to go back to bed dressed"and then go to the bathroom,"see the shadow and immediately after that pop ". Chirino shot him in the face with his grandfather's long 32 revolver and took his father away.

He locked himself in the bathroom and with his cellphone began sending messages to all family members. The three youngest children approached asking him "if I died because I was lying on the floor, full of blood ". He never lost consciousness, he could take a boy and run away to the street with his mother.

It was estimated that at that time the attacker had stabbed Ciro in the room where he was resting. The preliminary autopsy report concluded that the boy received 16 stabs and had a sustained wound in his hand and a knife stuck in his chest. After the prosecutor confirmed that Chirino was the killer, the file would be closed because he was dead.

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