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At the end of the week, the dollar is up | Chronicle

The dollar rose 0.43% and closed at $ 46.20 on average to be sold to the public, while in the currency weekly balance rose 0.34%, while in the wholesale segment rose 0.47% and ended at $ 45, and in this week increased by 0.44%.

Argentine peso is thus one of the best currencies to resist dollar appreciation at the regional level, because for example a real loss of 1.29%, Colombian peso fell 0.64% and Chilean peso lost 0.29%, it emerged from Bloomberg.

On the monetary side, the Central Bank today agreed to reduce the Leliq rate by nine basis points, ending at an average of 72,053% for a total of $ 221,900 million, and in the weekly balance sheet, the average exchange rate fell 58 points.

From this operation, a contraction of liquidity of $ 4,831 million was generated.

Gustavo Quintana, PR analyst Corredores de Cambio, said that with the rise this Friday the US currency "He recovered all the losses yesterday" on wheels with "New official presence on the futures market".

"The devaluation of other currencies against the dollar" has no significant impact at the local level because important official trusts with sales in the futures market, "Quintana explained.
Christian Buteler, a financial analyst, highlighted the performance of the peso and said that "its performance (better) is better than many of the region's currencies, especially Brazil, where the dollar rose 1.4%."

The volume operated in the cash segment is US $ 739 million and in the future MAE operations are registered for US $ 22 million.

On the interbank money market, 70% is operated. "In exchange for foreign currencies, US $ 160 million has been agreed to take and / or place funds in pesos, through the use of dollar purchases the following Monday and Tuesday"he pointed Fernando Izzo, from ABC Mercado de Cambios.

In the futures market Rosario (Rofex), US $ 1,183 million was operated, 24% lower than last Thursday.

The first months are concentrated more than 50% of the total operated. The final prices for these months, May and June ended operating at $ 46.16 and $ 48.41 (TNA 67.21% and 62.86%).

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