At age 45, he thought he had cancer but was pregnant


Janie Furner was surprised to see a doctor. There he is he was sure that he would be diagnosed with ovarian cancer but, instead, he was told he was 17 weeks pregnant. The 45-year-old woman already has a 20-year-old daughter and is amazed by what happened.

Furner suffered all his life polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormone abnormality which among its complications includes sterility, spontaneous abortion or premature birth and endometrial cancer. He had a lot of trouble getting Mia, his first daughter, and after that he resigned from having to do it again.

All family.
All family.

But in April he noticed that he had a lot of nausea and was sure that he would experience a cyst. "I look for my symptoms on the Internet and everything leads to ovarian cancer: My back hurts, I often go to the bathroom and don't eat. Seen now, it is very clear that I am pregnant but this year I only have two periods and I am not too fertile, so it did not cross my mind, "he explained to foreign media.

For this, Furner alternates with the doctor and He entered the office "afraid of the worst. I haven't even told my husband. "The specialist sent him to do an ultrasound and, a week later, they told him what had happened: he had no cancer, he was almost in the middle of pregnancy.

"I was surprised, Gary was waiting for me outside and, because it was a little fun, when the nurse told him that it was better to enter, he said," I thought you would tell me I was pregnant. We left the office like two zombies"Confess the woman.

Are couples ready to start a new stage in their lives: Mia started college and they rented vacations in Greece. Within a few months, they had to readjust their reality to return to life with diapers, crying and fatigue.

Oliver, newborn.
Oliver, newborn.

"I forget the fatigue brought by a newborn baby. I returned to sleepless nights, continued to change diapers and breastfeed. I never thought that my year would change radically, "added the woman from Essex (England), Oliver was born in October.

After the news is shocking, the family is made to the ideas of new members and receives it joyfully. "Ollie can't come at a better time. This is our little Christmas miracle, "said the father.


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