Ariel Holan: "Competitive squad"


Ariel Holan spoke after Independiente's presentation in the summer, which was a 2-0 victory against Gymnastics in the city of Mar del Plata.

"What is important is that the team is able to maintain the game process, which is a concern when you come with a workload," said the Red technical director.

"The team has the volume of matches in the second half, the first is the price because Gymnastics is pressing us well. We take advantage of the situation we have and in general the team defends well," analyzed and admitted: with workshops. "

Meanwhile, about the addition, Holan praised Pablo PĂ©rez: "I am very happy with his arrival, he has an extraordinary career". In addition, he said that "negotiating players at this level is not from one day to the next, they need time. We will have full and competitive troops, two per position."

Finally, in consultation with the statement of Fernando Amorebieta, Holan conveyed calm: "You have to turn the page. We have a big problem with representatives, that is the beginning of everything, and then the sporting decisions are made. they are for what they have to dedicate to themselves. The only thing that matters to me is to continue to grow. "


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