Argentinos won, but Tigre returned it with 10 players and caused Carboni's resignation




  • Lucas Menossi
  • Carlos Luna
Argentine Juniors

Argentine Juniors

At the right time and against the opponent shown,

He woke up from lethargy. Without playing well, but at the peak of need, he deserves to be defeated

Argentine Juniors
2 to 1 on the 12th

and add three gold points in the fight not to go down. The goal from the Matador was scored by Lucas Menossi, at 23 seconds of time (with a large free kick going into the top right corner of Chavez),

Carlos Luna,
at 43, with popcorn after the center from Montillo's right. In the first 16 times Francisco Ilarregui, opened the scoring for Bicho. The result that made Bicho without a coach: Ezequiel Carboni resigned a few minutes after the match.

The strengths and intentions of local groups cannot be discussed. Maybe the game itself, doesn't have the sequence needed to make things simpler. And not because it doesn't look for it, but only because of slums, inaccuracies, for vertigo that often go beyond the creative generation of the game. Argentina, beyond the initial expulsion of goalkeeper Tigre,

Augusto Batalla
in the first 5 minutes, he presented an ambitious offensive proposal, but he failed in the definition and was finally confused and desperate for the urgency that had befallen him.

The first half has all the ingredients from two teams that care about their average. The initial expulsion distorted Tigre's original plan and offered him an opportunity for Argentinos to become the ruler of the process. In the 16th minute, forward Ilarregui took advantage of the confusion of the local defense and with a hard / center shot from the right surprised Marinelli who had just received the score in support of Bicho.

With the results that benefited them, the team visited casually in the second half and let Tigre, little by little, become the owner of the match. In the 23rd minute, Lucas Menossi, with a very beautiful free kick, scored the right goal 1 to 1. In heavy rain, the place won more and got his prize. At the age of 43, when the match was dying, Carlos Luna appeared in a small area to drive the center of Montillo and release the party in Victoria.

Tigre's true victory was obtained in Victoria. Far from ideal performance, taking advantage of the void is present and left behind with three important points for hereditary battles. Meanwhile, Bicho, who has seven matches without wins (six defeats and one draw) began to do more and more tables on average and is now looking for DT: Carboni resigned after the match against Tigre.

Tigre's winning goal against Argentina


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