Argentina's ADR rises to 5.1% on Wall St. (but in 2018 they lose up to 71.5%)


The biggest profit of the day was recorded by the newspaper Banco Macro (+ 5.1%), Central Puerto (+ 4.8%), Supervielle (+ 4.8%), and IRSA (+ 4.4%).

Beyond this increase, Argentina's ADR suffered a very heavy blow throughout 2018, with losses ranging from 30% to more than 70% in dollars (Supervielle, who was hit hardest).

In 2018 they remain "literally melting down almost all Argentine companies registered in New York," analyst Mauro Morelli explained.

Wall street

The New York Stock Exchange closed separately this Friday after an irregular session, in a chaotic week tonic that saw the index turn spectacular.

Index The Dow Jones lost 0.33% to close at 23,062.40 points, and the S & P 500 lost 0.12% to 2,485.74 points.

Nasdaq, with a strong technological component, win, not 0.08%, at 6,584.52 points.

All week, The Dow Jones finished with a 2.7% increase, Nasdaq 4% and the S & P 500 2.9%, but this progress was not easy.

After experiencing the worst weekly decline since 2008 last week, Dow Jones on Monday experienced the most important fall in history on Christmas Eve.

Wednesday's flights were also spectacular, with the main Wall Street index taking advantage of its best session since 2009.

And on Thursday, the New York market returned to being a place of sharp turn towards the end of the session, which allowed it to end green after a difficult start of the day.

On Friday, trading continues "marked by that volatility," according to Nate Thooft at Manulife Asset Management, and the index faltered between losses and profits throughout the day.


Europe's main stock exchanges, except Frankfurt, they closed the last session of the year with gains after suffering a reasonable loss in a week.

London rose 2.27%, closing at 6,733.97 points. Paris rose 1.74%, ending at 4,678.74 points. Frankfurt suffered a sharp 2.37% decline, closing at 10,381.51 points. Milan rose 1.44% to close at 18,324 points. Madrid experienced a 1.55% increase, and ended at 8,493.70 points.

The Nikkei, negative first year since 2011

The Tokyo stock market closed with a decline in the last session of the year the Nikkei index fell for the first time in seven years, in the midst of the context of turbulence in the global stock market.

In late trading Friday, the Nikkei 225 index lost 0.31% to 20,014.77 points, while the Topix index lost 0.50%, at 1,494.09.

The week ended so quiet after collapsing 5% on Tuesday and rebounding 4% on Thursday, following the turmoil on Wall Street.

Since early January, the Nikkei index lost 12.1% and Topix 17.8%, far from previous years driven by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's reactivation strategy.


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