Annual coral spawning starts on Great Barrier Reef


SOFT corals have started Spawning on the Great Barrier Reef, with a Cairns blizzard of sperm and eggs released into the water off.

The simultaneous release of the main event of the annual event is their sex cells for mass fertilization.

Marine biologists were based on the Sunlover 's Moore Reef last night video capture of the night – time event.

media_cameraCoral spawning at Moore Reef. PICTURE: CALYPSO PRODUCTIONS

Calypso Production's Stuart Ireland, who has been filming the coral spawn every year since 1996, likened the event to an upside down snowstorm event.

"The spawn varies from small to small pink and mauve balls which represent either eggs or bundled egg and sperm access, while cloud-like white slicks or individual smokers represent male colonies," he said.

"I like hunting down the individual colonies, it's like playing join the dots.

"However, currents and the reef topography make this extremely challenging.

"Often you will find the floating floating the water, but you can't trace it down to the releasing colony, or the colony may have just finished."

media_cameraThe start of coral spawn. PICTURE: TOM FONE

He said that the special event showed that the Great Barrier Reef was resilient despite the

the challenges that man and climate change have at the World Heritage Area.


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