Saturday , May 8 2021

An intense search of a young journalist who disappeared on Saturday

Martín Licata is 27 years old, is a journalist and Philosophy career student at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). He left Saturday morning from his home in the Floresta neighborhood and Since then he has not communicated with his family and friends, who did an intensive search to find it.

The young man is a magazine contributor Sudestada and Hegemony, as well as on the website Kontrainfo. I wrote under a pseudonym Martín D & # 39; Amico.

Family set up a criminal complaint on Monday before the 40 police station from Avellaneda Park, but to this day there has been no progress in the search.

The young man, who measured 1.85 meters, lived with his mother and sister. The aim was to go home, their relatives warned.

"He wore black jeans, a blue shirt, and white shoes. We saw it for the last time on Saturday morning, in the Parque Avellaneda area, without DNI, "said a message that was spread by the family through social networks.

"We ask our colleagues and colleagues to give us help by sharing this and contributing any information they have to this person on this page," he said. Cultural Battle.

The family left the following telephone to provide information: 15-3630-8211 / 15-6906-7066 / 155-490-0615. In addition, they called for tomorrow's mobilization, at 6:30 a.m., in the corner of Rivadavia and Mariano Acosta.

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