Amazing revelations about Maradona and Cris Miró


After a transphobic statement owned by Diego Armando Maradona against Florence of the V in Intruder (America), old rumors about Argentine shows that the former soccer player had a loving relationship Cris Miró, the country's first transvestite that has resonance in the media, it reappeared again.

Vanessa Show he offered strong details about the ties Diego and Miró had, ensuring that there was love between them. "Maradona can never forget Cris Miró"Vanessa said in a dialogue with RatingCero, referring to the fact that the world champion in 1986 gave him a name his extensive interview with Jorge Rial.

Show tells him that he wet Miro, and that Maradona keeps calling him. "This is in the 90s. "How is Vanessa?"he said and I listened. "How do you live?"He asked me and I answered & # 39; very well & # 39; It is common knowledge that he is with Maradona. Gay and non-gay people who like transvestites are in all strata. Every where"He revealed.

Meanwhile, Maradona denied having any connection with the star. In 1999, the year Miró died at the age of 33, the former footballer stated on Radio World. "We have a country that does not allow each gives what he wants to convey. I understand him because of his desire to become a transvestite, no more; now, to interfere with him, hopefully he rests calmly, with him, there is a huge chasm& # 39; & # 39;


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