"Alfaro has no advantages"


This afternoon, Boca Juniors presents its new company: Ivn Marcone Although the midfielder has done the first training with his team-mates, today his arrival to the official La Ribera club. The same is true for participation Daniel Angelici and Nicols Burdissorespectively, the president and manager of the institution. The one from Cruz Azul was very happy with his arrival and stated: "Once the possibility arises, he decides to come. "

Marcone directed by Gustavo Alfaro In his past for Arsenal, regarding this, the midfielder commented: "There is no benefit in having Alfaro. He decided to build this campus. Not only in the middle of the field are player hierarchies, in all positions there is healthy competition. Who is better for what he asks, play it. Good (Nahitan) Nndez and (Wilmar) Barrios are great players, every day we try to play one place. "

"As far as I know Gustavo, try to contribute, from experience, order and hierarchy. Ac there is a new Boca with an effective idea and seeks to restore identity. Surely it was not a lot of work time, short pre-season, many matches between tournaments and Libertadores. We have to put together a new ideology in Boca that brings us results, "Marcone explained.

"Ac received me very well, both Daro (Benedetto) and Andrada are players with whom I share teams, most of my teammates already know them, is a healthy and cute group, with new and cute goals. As for what I can give to the team, is order, balance, participating in creation and results, "said the soccer player, adding:" I know Daro as a boy, is a lower partner and is a friend of many people. year ".

In addition, he made a confession about his final training at Cruz Azul, which was attended by Argentine coach Gerardo Martino, Mexico's new coach. "that Tata approached me and asked me to go to the Mexican team. That would be possible if he lived for years in Mexico. My answer is not because I'm not planning a long stay in Mexico. I think his dream is to return to the Argentine National Team and for that we must give the maximum"

Finally, Ivn, enjoyed how he determined his arrival at the Boca club: "My decision to leave Mexico so quickly was a personal matter. Short player career, I want to go forward and look for maximum, day after day. Reaching Boca is the maximum I have achieved. Without a doubt, being an ac is a privilege. We will strive to do the task and provide maximum and restore the efforts made by leadership. "

Source: Boca Official Site.


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