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After returning, Floyd Mayweather defeated Nasukawa – 12/31/2018

He hit, he won, he took his bag and left. Floyd Mayweather destroyed the Japanese kickboxing champion Tenshin Nasukawa on Monday for a technical knockout in the first round, in a circus "New Year" show, in which the boxer temporarily left his retirement.

Mayweather threw Nasukawa onto the canvas three times in the first round before the local coach rushed to stop the fight.

The battle, which will soon be forgotten, has never been a real challenge for Mayweather, at this point in his life more interested in raising money than sports challenges.

With much greater weight and range than his rival, who also had to adapt to strange discipline for him, he made a clear difference since the start of the fight, which – to make it more serious – arrived three hours late.

However, the battle in Saitama allows Japan a unique opportunity to see close to boxing legend. Of course, the show was too far from the best in his career.

Mayweather punishes Nasukawa. (Photo: AP)

Mayweather punishes Nasukawa. (Photo: AP)

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