A wild fight on the way out of a Christmas party at the Monte Grande Rugby Club – 12-26/2018


Some young people held fierce battles in the early hours of Tuesday, when the Christmas party ended at Monte Grande Rugby Club. After receiving a blow to the head, one of the people involved collapsed.

Some of the images recorded during the fight with boxing punches involving several young people began circulating this Wednesday through social networks.

There they saw a collision and ran in front of a club in the city of Buenos Aires, Esteban Echeverría, where a party called to celebrate Christmas It ends in the worst way.

In one video, you can see how in the middle of a battle a young man receives a blow on his head, from behind, and collapsed on the road after losing consciousness.

According to local media, the party gathered hundreds of young people at 7am. from the southwestern region of conurbano. The ad is intended for people over the age of 18 and ticket prices range from $ 800 and above.


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