Friday , October 22 2021

A van lost control and crashed into a bus to General Paz: two people were killed


Two people were killed and others were injured when an uncontrolled truck crashed into the back of a long-distance bus that stopped at the shoulder of General Paz Avenue, at the height of the Linear environment.

A fatal accident occurred around 4am, handing Río de La Plata. After the impact, friends in Hyundai champagne died on the actor. The driver, meanwhile, was transferred to the Santojanni hospital and remained in danger.

According to police sources, The fatal victim was a man and a woman from Bolivia.

Firefighters and City Police worked together to remove the dead from the vehicle, which was practically destroyed from the right side and made it difficult to save.

The researchers handled two hypotheses based on the testimonies collected. Some show that the micro company Parella It was parked on the shoulder because it was waiting to load fuel in the workshop in General Paz. Others, on the other hand, maintain that He stopped to spend time and arrived at the Liniers terminal on time.

But outside of these two versions, all agree that the truck comes at high speed – About 120 km per hour – and when he loses control, he hits the micro completely.

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