A story about a single-legged bitch that captivates the audience


During the last night's broadcast of the "Another family night" program, a participant mainly moved the audience and cycle driver, Guido Kaczka: Milagros, a seven-year-old dog on one leg, competing as one in the segment "Million-dollar dog." Milagros is a Lujanense like its owner Estela Suárez and the story is very special.

Ayuda Animal Luján and Paola Delconte are people who raise funds for animal surgery and care, the rest are saved at the San Francisco de Asís Refugio in Cañuelas, waiting to be adopted requires collaboration from the community.

How much (time) did you do? "Kaczka asked Estela Suarez about the seconds it took her pet to complete the challenge." Maximum, because there were no legs, "he replied, which later explained:" We found it after being hit by a freight train. The train cuts the three of them. With the help of protectors and people from all parties collaborating by lottery, with the event, amputations were carried out. "

The story goes back to February 2012, when Estela was driving with Luna (17) – the second child of her four daughters – through a walk in Luján.

Halfway he stopped in front of the railroad tracks to pass through the cargo formation. And after the last car passed, there he saw it. Milagros is dying on the road, almost dead

That is his destiny, if Estela doesn't stop. The little dog, who was only a few months old, could die of bleeding when the train cut off all the limbs, except for the back of the right, which he maintained at this time. "I should have died of blood loss but it was seen that with the heat of the veins closed and that did not happen", was an explanation that Estela received from the veterinarian who followed her in a state of recovery.

"During the postoperative period, it's like caring for a baby, I have to learn to change bandages, disinfect, wake up every six hours to give him pills and feed him whenever I want," Estela recalled.

Today Milagros is a prostitute seen by the public shining on the screen yesterday. "He was nervous when he tried to stand up to the couch or when he wanted to leave because he listened to the dogs outside," Estela explained. "He is also a very good prostitute. Although not a mother, adopted a few years ago three puppies from a neighboring dog. The puppies caught and he came to produce his own milk," he recalls. Milagros, a bitch who lives again, also saves other animals.

Estela also said that Milagros adapts well to family changes, to coexist with two other dogs and with births that have occurred since they adopted them. "The first night he slept in a box in my room," he said. From that day on he was spoiled by everyone, but he lost several privileges when Luisana (5) and Paula (3), Suárez's younger daughter, was born. Since the arrival of the middle daughter, Milagros stopped sleeping in the owner's bed, but she won the love and protection they offered today.

Published on Saturday, January 19, 2019


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