A sad Christmas for Argentine culture


Christmas celebration they were marred by sadness for those who followed the examples of Argentine culture. Whether on Monday 24 Osvaldo Bayer and a very large Jaime Torres died. While the poet Irene Gruss died yesterday.

Osvaldo Bayer, journalists, writers, historians and human rights references is one of Argentina's most respected intellectuals. Social networks provide reports of pain caused by this inevitable intellectual departure.

Among the most important essays are "The Avengers of Tragic Patagonia", taken to the cinema by Héctor Olivera as "Rebellious Patagonia", who won the Silver Bear in Berlin in 1974.

Following this work Triple A forced Bayer to go into exile in Germany, where he lived from 1975 to the fall of the dictatorship.

Too wrote the novel "Rainer and Minou" and other extraordinary essays, like "Anarchists who take over and other essays", "Argentine football", "Rebeldía y esperanza"; Furthermore

The music suffered heavy losses

On the same Monday, news about Jaime Torres's death, considered the interpreter and the best charango ambassador of that instrument in the world. He is 80 years old.

Torres was hospitalized at a clinic in the capital for several days and in a coma, his relatives told the media.

"He is one of the most prominent folklorists with a special talent for playing charango and interpreting music from the north of our country," indicated the Ministry of Argentine Culture on his Twitter account.

Their actions occur in various countries in Indonesia Latin America, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and the United States. Some of the albums are "Virtuosismo en charango", "Taquirari" and "North", among others.

Poetry also cries

For poet Irene Gruss died yesterday morning at the Spanish Hospital, after suffering severe dehydration. "If you have to go to the symbol of poetry that was born in the 70s in Buenos Aires and its spread, you should read, among several choices, the poem Irene Gruss. Before the war, it was postwar poetry. There she talked and talked about things things in his spirit, not the spirit of things. Everything here is an opportunity that turns into convincing, "said another poet, Jorge Aulicino, in the prologue to" La pared ", one of Gruss's books.

Irene was wry, smart, hard on herself and her interlocutor. He was born in Buenos Aires in 1950 and in the 70s was part of Mario Jorge De Lellis's workshop, which was also followed by Aulicino.

Among his works counted "An incomplete world", "Calm," Happiness ", among others.


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