A new Pokémon game? Game Freak promises to surprise everyone in 2019


Towards the new year, Game Freak has chosen to greet all of his followers with a letter sent to Famitsu magazine. Inside is a colorful postcard and thanks to all who have spent one year playing their title.

Game Freak responsible for Pokemon RPG and even though they are also other game developers, no one has the popularity that reaches the story of pocket monsters.

In their letter, they also commented that they wanted to "surprise everyone "in 2019, which could indicate that the new Pokémon game, was approved for 2019 can have features and features that have never been seen in the saga, after the departure of Pokemon Come on! less than a month ago, a game that combines original mechanics with others introduced in Pokemon GO.

We have to wait until 2019 to get more details about the next Pokémon game or if Game Freak will find another way to surprise all of his followers.


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