A new fatal case of hantavirus: a 49-year-old woman died in Chubut and there were 13 people who died.


Susana Briones, a woman from 49 years old original from Trevelin, died in the last few hours as a result of the outbreak of hantavirus released in Chubut Last December. It's been here There were 13 fatal victims across the country.

As confirmed by the provincial Health Department, women died he remained interned in the Intensive Therapy Unit at the Zonal Equel Hospital. He entered the health center last Monday as "observation", with symptoms.

Briones first the mother of young Jessica Luengo, who has lost her life because of the same illness. They consider him exposed to a virus while caring for his daughter.

The last section of the Chubut Health Department released on Saturday reported that since the beginning of the epidemiological contingency on December 3, in the province there were 29 confirmed cases (27 in Esquel, one in Bariloche and another in Chile), where 11 died, 9 were banished, while three others who were infected remained hospitalized at the same hospital, two of whom were intensively treated.

Apart from what happened at Chubut, the Secretariat of the National Health reported that in Argentina there was four risk areas: North (Salta, Jujuy), Center (Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and Entre Ríos), Northeast (Misiones) and Sur (Neuquén, Río Negro).

This was announced by the Ministry of Health of Buenos Aires, which insisted on stressing it "Ordinary case" for this year and that "in five confirmed cases, transmission occurred through contact with rat feces as usual in the Province, unlike the situation registered with Epuyen from person to person"

According to official statistics, During 2018, 25 cases were registered in the province of Buenos Aires, while in 2017 there were 44 cases.

Minister of Health of Buenos Aires, Andrés Scarsi, asking health areas to "intensify clinical suspicion before presenting fever cases" and to avoid transmission, the provincial health portfolio recommends "Don't contact with rat secretions (especially the one called "colilargo"), vent for 30 minutes in places that have been closed (home, warehouse, office, and other spaces), wet the floor with water and bleach before rubbing and avoid sweeping and covering holes in doors, walls or pipes"

"Symptoms that must motivate medical consultations are fever, difficulty breathing and head, stomach, joint, and muscle pain", they remember.

Hantavirus is a serious acute viral disease, which is caused by a hanta virus that is transmitted to people through contact with saliva, feces and urine of infected wild mice (especially long tails) that have been dry, can be inhaled There are various types of hanta and false viruses one that caused this outbreak was the South Andes strain.

.Infographic: Marcelo Regalado


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