A match emoji comes to WhatsApp


A mate emoji will reach cellphones all over the world soon. On March 5, the Unicode Consortium, the entity responsible for standardizing and approving these images, will announce the official list of new emojis for 2019 and popular drinks are among them. This was leaked on Twitter, from the @emojidelmate_ok account

The pair will reach the cellular platform thanks to a proposal presented on March 31, 2018 by Florencia Coelho from Argentina, Daniela Guini, Martín Zalucki, Emiliano Panelli and Santiago Nasra.

In the 41-page document they present before Unicode – which functions as a kind of "Royal Academy of the Emojis" – Argentina outlines several reasons why the couple must be in the virtual library of these images.

Among the many arguments, they mention the energetic and healthy nature, and the social side and that it is the language of exchange at the regional level. Also note that some popular references are proficient in these drinks, such as Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi or Pope Francisco.

After a long selection process that takes more than a year, finally emojis will appear on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networks.


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