A fracture that confirms the nomination of Cristina Kirchner


Cristina Kirchner
will be

, now say what you say. If anything is lost to ensure that information is news that three old foxes of Peronism will leave the moderate bloc in charge

Miguel Pichetto
approaching one of the former presidents. The reason is the budget that will be approved by the Senate today. That could be another. Gildo Insfrán, Carlos Verna, and

José Alperovich,
rupturistas, always crystallized by comfort, not by belief. "Cuban uniforms", which were discussed by the Pichetto, were incompatible with rich people (Alperovich) or ideas from the true old Peronists (Verna and Insfrán). All three position themselves for next year's election.

Alperovich suffered in Tucumán the crime that befell all leaders who temporarily delegated power: dolphins did not return them. Juan Manzur, the current governor of Tucumán, was the only person Alperovich had always believed in, the governor's lieutenant was eternal even when he was, at the same time, Minister of National Health. Alperovich believes that Manzur will occupy the government for four years and then return it to him. But Manzur became independent of Alperovich, who, in turn, showed symptoms of abstinence from provincial authority from the first day he did not have it. Manzur was also a better administrator than Alperovich and last year was the only Peronist to win in one of the country's seven main electoral districts. Manzur was very critical of Macri, but never damaged his relationship with the President or the President with him. When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the country, Macri invited Manzur to the food of honor. He is the only guest governor and sits at the main table. Alperovich never forgave Macri that his coronation was his incipient enemy. Manzur has a good historical relationship with the Jewish community; He just made an official trip to Israel with a large delegation of entrepreneurs. When Manzur announced that he would run for re-election next year, Alperovich decided to take him in the arms of Cristina Kirchner. The owner of important personal wealth, Cuban costumes clashed with Alperovich.


Insfrán had been governor of Formosa for 23 years. He changed the provincial constitution, stipulated unlimited re-election, changed the election law according to his comfort and persecuted his opponents. He did not stop doing anything he should never have done. The problem now is that moderate or rational Peronism takes a certain distance from it, and he needs national references to nominate another re-election. This is not a good company for candidates who promote renewal, tolerance and transparency. Only Cristina Kirchner remained as authoritarian as herself. Verna, the only survivor of Peronist from the bribery crisis in the 2000 Senate (he was a senator at the time), was seriously ill and had announced that he would not run for re-election. He has no strong candidate to replace him and has, on the other hand, two important candidates among his opponents Cambiemos: former soccer players Carlos Mac Allister and Martin Maquieyra, who won the main coalition in power in 2017. Let's change Verna's victory in the number of accessions in the primaries, but Verna was applied to the general last year with only 76 votes. He does not believe in the renewal of Pichetto or Mass or Urtubey. Cristina doesn't get along, but at least she knows her.

None of them will make a leap into Cristina's closeness if she is not sure that she will become a presidential candidate next year. After all, no one wants to miss a piece of paper that plays a letter that won't participate in the game. Everything leads to Cristina's nomination, even though she issued a conflicting message. Novelty, maybe? Not. He did it in 2007 when he and her husband performed a long mystery. "This will be a penguin or penguin," said Néstor Kirchner, and further deepened the puzzle. A few months before the deadline, Cristina announced, finally, her candidacy. Also in 2011, he let his unconditional fans shout before he did it himself. In 2013 he said nothing, but he planned to promote his re-election if he won widely in the country, although he would need constitutional reform, which he planned to do with a plebiscite. He lost, especially in the province of Buenos Aires, in the hands of Sergio Massa. Rereelection falls. In 2017 he returned to playing with the mystery about his nomination as a national senator. Some of his followers stated that he would be by Santa Cruz and others claimed that he would go through the province of Buenos Aires. It was for Buenos Aires, but did not succeed in solving the successive defeat that has been going on since 2013. 2015 and 2017 are years of defeat for him.

Cristina Kirchner is the leader of conurbano Buenos Aires and, if you adjust the beam of light, from La Matanza. In this monumental district has 50 percent positive image. It is no coincidence that it was almost decided that his son, Máximo, would be the first candidate for representation in the province of Buenos Aires. It could be: he was born in La Plata. A vote will eventually have two Kirchners among the applicants. Máximo and other candidates who needed to renew their mandate as legislators were, among other things, conditions that prevented the former president's alliance with other sectors of Peronism. He played back the mystery; This slides before some of the interlocutors will be willing not to become candidates if it will ensure the victory of Peronism or Macri's defeat. But no one has the numbers he has. Contrary to others, which puts the economy back on its feet and strengthens Macri among various possibilities, he believes that the President is heading for absolute failure from his management. Why can't he win the second round if everything happens as he predicted? Everyone talks about how useful Cristina is for the re-election of Macri; few mention how important Macri is for Cristina's candidacy. Macri abroquela fought Cristinism, left, ideological revenge, political anger and social hatred. The gorge is sad, but it would be very stupid to deny its existence.

Only a few Peronists considered that Cristina would not be a candidate for fear of losing in the middle of a judicial siege. "I will go to prison," they said. The only thing that can certainly be stated: only as president he will not be imprisoned, at least when he is responsible for Executive Strength. The density of legal cases, the advanced rhythms of some of them and substantial changes in some examples of Justice show that they will end up being a senator or a losing candidate from the presidency. But that will not happen before the next election. Then it can be presented because it is almost impossible that in less than a year, until the upcoming August primaries, has the final sentence condemning him to prison. The presidency can finally be a way out to escape from prison. The defeat or withdrawal of the presidential nomination will have the same effect. They will not release you from the cell.

Massa said he would not make an alliance with him, even though the former mayor Tigre's statement was always relative. Pichetto, Juan Manuel Urtubey and Juan Schiaretti dismissed the idea of ​​an agreement with Cristina. What agreement can they make with him? Will Cristina accept to compete in apprenticeships with candidates for whom, deep down, she feels deep insults? As Alperovich, Insfrán and Verna warned, he would become a presidential candidate no matter how much rhetoric he gave.


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