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A dangerous reason why you don't have to pierce the ears of a newborn baby

Should you or not Pierce the ears of a newborn baby wearing earrings? This is undoubtedly one of the dilemmas faced by mothers, because there are a number of myths about the problem that experts now confirm or deny.

The damage you can cause your baby if you pierce the ear. PHOTO: UNSPLASH

We must first say that the American Academy of Pediatrics seems to oppose the general practice of piercing the ears of newborn girls to put earrings on them.

Although in some cultures ear piercing for girls is the most normal, there are other parents in the world who don't even support the idea of ​​doing it to newborns, and although opinions are found, there seem to be some valid points that according to pediatricians, parents must consider before piercing their daughter's ears.

The myth about piercing the ears of a newborn baby?

1. They assume that when they grow up they will want them to be pierced, but at that time it will hurt them and they will remember it, when they are babies, they don't remember it.

2. For practical reasons, parents decide to place them in a newborn so that there is no doubt about the sex of the baby.

3. Piercing girls' ears causes little pain for a few seconds, and because it's so small they pass quickly and no longer remember.

Babies don't feel amused like us

4. Some do it purely and exclusively for cultural problems.

5. If the ears are pierced when they are bigger, they must be cleaned when they are healed, change the first pair of rings and be careful that they are not infected, and that it serves to convince them. Conversely, when they were babies, parents took care of all that.

When do you have to pierce your daughter's ear?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, you have to wait until it's big to avoid the risk:

Even if it seems impossible, it's more common than we want to admit. Small pieces of this metal can be very dangerous for newborns. Sometimes they are trapped in the clothes that you will change and without wanting to put it in your mouth. This can bring health problems for the baby, such as injuring the esophagus and other complications.


Many parents pierce their ears only a few days after birth, and others only a few hours before the tetanus vaccine is given. This vaccine is usually not given until the baby is two months old.

The vaccine against tetanus is given in three rounds; the first at 2 months, the second at 6 and the third at 15. Doctors recommend that parents wait until their daughter has received all 3 rounds.

Preventive measure

Make sure only the gold earrings are used

Make sure that the person who does it has the necessary equipment and that everything is properly sterilized.

It is not recommended that a piercing device be used that cannot be sterilized, because this can cause your daughter to get an infection and her chances of getting high hepatitis.

Possible complications

Allergic reactions

If the baby has an allergic reaction to the metal used to make a perforation, it can cause an infection in the earlobe.

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