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& # 39; That's not the right behavior & # 39 ;: NASA is baking Elon Musk to smoke marijuana live on the internet

  • NASA boss Jim Bridenstine has told reporters that SpaceX's CEO, Elon Musk, smoked on the podcast that week "is not appropriate behavior."
  • Bridenstine said she had "a number of conversations" with Musk about the incident, and "You won't see that again."
  • Bridenstine stressed he had ordered the contractors' security review of NASA SpaceX and Boeing after Musk smoked, but said it was always a plan.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine told reporters on Thursday that Elon Musk smoked living on the internet "did not inspire confidence," reports The Atlantic.

Musk's company, SpaceX, is subject to NASA's security review after he inhaled marijuana on the "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast which was broadcast live in September.

Now Bridenstine has publicly commented on the incident for the first time. He told reporters: "I will tell you that it does not help, and that does not inspire confidence, and leaders of these organizations need to take it as an example of what should be done when you lead an organization that will launch American Astronauts . "

Bridenstine said he personally ordered a security review of suppliers of SpaceX and Boeing, which was first revealed by The Washington Post. But he stressed that he wanted to review their corporate culture before Musk smoked marijuana.

His decision was influenced by the tragedy in NASA's history, including the Apollo 1 fire in 1967, which killed three astronauts during a land trial, and two Space Shuttle disasters in 1986 and 2003.

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NASA launched the SpaceX security review after Elon Musk smoked marijuana directly on the internet

Bridenstine said the question that always arises is whether the culture at NASA contributed to the accident. "What is the culture of our contractors, and are there people who raise red flags that we don't listen to, and finally that culture contributes to failure and, in those cases, becomes a disaster?"

The Atlantic Marina on the Atlantic asks Bridenstine whether Musk smoking weeds online lives is a red flag. "I don't think that helps," he replied.

Bridenstine also said that she had "a number of conversations" with Musk about her behavior. "I will tell you, he is committed to safety as anyone, and he understands that it is not appropriate behavior, and you will not see that again," he continued.

Business Insider contacted SpaceX and NASA for comments.

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