2019 Election: Whatsapp limits the number of references to fight fake news


The messaging application quickly takes new steps to prevent the spread of false information.

January 21, 2019

Courier service WhatsApp has begun to limit the number of times users can forward messages to try to prevent fake information from being viralized on their platform, or also known as & # 39; fake news & # 39 ;.

So far, users of this application can forward messages to 20 people or groups. The five recipient limit is a global extension of the size applied by WhatsApp to India last July, where the spread of rumors is quickly linked and fake videos on your platform for violence in the country, from murder to lynch efforts.

WhatsApp, which is around 1,500 million users, has tried to find ways to avoid misusing the application. On several occasions, the platform was criticized for allowing the spread of fake news, manipulated images, videos without context and deceptive voicemail.

Last year, this company was forced block hundreds of thousands of accounts during the election period in Brazil after the controversy was released when it should have been & # 39; tsunami & # 39; news that has spread through this application to the presidential candidate from the left, Fernando Haddad, became public.


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