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2019 Budget: per capita investment for the Uco Valley amounts to $ 4,753 – Cuyonoticias


As happened in 2018, capitals destined for public works have a strong federal distribution character and most projects are being implemented.

The Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure and Energy is designing guidelines for expenditure for next year by considering homogeneous distribution for the entire province. Uco Valley will receive $ 4,753 per resident. The same amount will be destined to the East zone, with $ 4,648, and in the South, with $ 4,325. For Greater Mendoza, investment is at $ 3,264 per resident.

Uco Valley has a population of 128,625 people, distributed in Tunuyan, Tupungato and San Carlos. Investment destined for next year will be $ 611,342,765. That is, per capita, capital destined to increase infrastructure will amount to $ 4,753.

Important projects support that number. Works like Warden Perempuan, of which 60% is executed and with an initial investment of $ 23 million; The Vista Flores Health Center, which is nearing completion, and the expansion of the Scaravelli Hospital, with the merger of Fuesmen, a work that exceeds 70% of its construction, is a clear example of the purpose of public funds to improve the quality of life of residents, in this case Tunuyan.

Other infrastructure projects are carried out, such as Colonia Las Rosas 4-203 secondary school, 1-197 Ventura Gallegos primary and Casa del Pueblo I and II neighborhoods, with investments of more than $ 21 and $ 13 million respectively. The AMSA environment also runs in Tunuyan, with a budget of $ 19 million.

For San Carlos, the details of construction began with the construction of the second phase of Victorino Tagarelli Hospital, which reached 60% progress and had a budget of $ 144 million; construction of a collector of Divisadero Negro, which will be held next year, with a budget of $ 4 million; the stadium was closed to Eugenio Bustos, funded through the Provincial Infrastructure Program (PIM) and the construction demanded $ 13 million. In addition, it is projected below the categorized school coefficient, which allows the transfer of funds for small jobs from the school building package department, which in this case exceeds $ 2 million, among other projects.

Finally, Tupungato has planned work such as indoor stadiums, also funded by the provincial working capital with funds from the Provincial Infrastructure Program (PIM), for $ 14 million, and the Terrazas del Valle neighborhood, Balcón del Valle II, House of the People – third stage – and Groups 2 and 5.

In 2019, the asphalt renewal plan will continue to apply, with significant investments in several roads, such as La Vencedora, in Tupungato, which requires an investment of $ 70 million; Curto and La Superiora roads, in San Carlos, and Lencinas and Clodomiro Silva, in Tunuyán.

Source: Press the Government

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