14-year-old fugitive: they found the most wanted woman in Argentina


Graciela Mónica Hammes has been at large since 2005 and is the most wanted woman in Argentina when she temporarily left the Los Hornos prison and has never appeared again until now.

On June 8, 1998, Alberto Ortega was beaten and burned alive in a Fiat 600 car in Benavide, Tigre. Two years later, in 2000, his wife Graciela Mónica Hammes was found guilty of killing him to collect life insurance for $ 100,000. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for "qualified murder that was exacerbated by links, with treason and with contests planned with two or more people".

In 2005 his lawyer made him temporarily leave the Los Hornos prison to visit his sick mother. From that day they could not find their whereabouts, until this Friday.

The woman changed her identity to Marcela Beatriz Robledo. I live in the city of Buenos Aires but I went to Vicente López to work to care for the sick. He was arrested several blocks from fifth president Olivos.


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