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Who is Madame X? Is this you or Madonna?


What does it mean for someone to wake up in 2019? Does that mean shouting your trauma and pain out of the way or to the camera's front view as a means to become freedom fighters and fighters for change and to be seen? Madame X, also known as Madonna, is in the same world as us, and gulps – to your surprise, she is thinking deeply about all the things you think too.

Many people always feel disgusted with the idea Madonna has deeper thoughts about spirituality, existentialism, or cultural comments because of their privilege in society (being one of the highest living pop icons in the world, and all that) but in his most powerful work to date , Mrs. X, he knew this, and he dealt with this conflicting anger by coming to the place of acceptance that he could only be himself, and being himself was "dancing." The "Medellin" assisted by Maluma opened the record through a dream sequence from a world where Madonna broke away from the reality of her fame and floated into a world where she was seen as someone for her soul, cha-cha-ing in a dance hall with hot Latin singers. We learn Mrs. X is not a nihilist. "For once, I don't need to hide …"

This is also a heartbreaking reminder that Madonna must struggle to show her pain to the world in a way that will always be regarded as opportunist, corporate or manipulative. Everything he did was not enough – he seemed confused, because all he wanted was people to listen to him and help others. And that's how he has attracted so much publicity that aims to use surprises in his career, to raise awareness about everything from AIDS to LGBTQ rights, and to tools from the magical belief system of the Kabbalah.

As far as Madonna's activism has not been recognized as part of her inheritance, it has been removed and forgotten as a substitute for cliches like her age, what she decided to put on her body, and dirty Instagram information. Madonna grew up in an era through her art, and at the time she was expected to take a nap, she was still struggling to create the art she wanted to see in the world. Why isn't it celebrated? Talk about age and Madonna's identity is very boring.

We will never be able to understand or know the unique position of the goddesses that Madonna has in the world, where she is almost more abstract or godly – but we know that there are humans who invoke that power, and this human is someone we all can be connected. This human is struggling to be heard Mrs. X.

"Dark Ballet" is very powerful in presenting its understanding of parody and power, in a hopeless place where our world sometimes looks like we live in some dystopian bizzaro pop novels. In 4 minutes of Electronica's terror, he became a clown: "Can't you hear outside of your highest hoodie? / They think we are not aware of their evil …" This suggests to listeners that there is another higher spiritual awareness. available to us and we can achieve it but not much is open. Mrs. X laughed at this: "Your world is very in pain. Your world is on fire! "

In "God Control", Madame X took the power of pop and parody to a more bizarre level, where the song began as a spiritual revelation but later turned into a disco-histrionic party that chanted "new democracy, gods, and pornography." is the longest song on record, and for good reason: the song's "shift" seems to capture the way our euphoria responds to the world around us, flooded with optimism and "positive vibrations" one second, and then total-bad luck.

Madame X calls Quavo in "Future", a Diplo deadlift about "how not everyone comes to the future". This challenges how the concept of what the future holds is different for every human being, and how we may not all agree on a fixed version of reality. "Killers Who Are Partying", provocative in its title, raises the mirror of our helplessness. The role of a rebel and devil advocate is something that still holds tight to his heart in a world where he witnesses the identity of all people being persecuted and destroyed through daily violence and injustice: "I will be gay, if gay is burned / I will become Islam, if Islam is hated . "

Even Mrs. X is not immune to unrequited love. On "Crave", to his young lover, played by Swae Lee, he confessed: "The feeling never fades, I don't think we should play with this." It seems that there is always loneliness in the way Madonna sings about love, as if she becomes attached to whoever she makes the choice to be vulnerable to.

The strongest moment of note, "Extreme Occident", sounds like being trapped in an elevator in a luxury hotel with Mrs. X, Thank you for being a collaboration with Madonna's long-term creative partner, Mirwais (which we can thank for the classic "Impressive Instant" cult). "The thing that hurt me the most, I wasn't lost," MX said it all. Is finding a safe place in the world, something to grieve? This is called enlightenment, and Mrs. X is not afraid to feel free again.

"Bitch I 'm Loca" is a chaotic conception of Madonna's long love for world music and other dimension-fucking-Electronica and embodies what is the soundtrack to the story of this album and the story of Madame X through grace and strength.

"I'm Not Looking for Me Finding" brings us back to Madonna, who seems to be trying to reach out to nostalgia, the queen of our childhood disco but reminds us all that "we live between life and death, that is our gypsy blood. Before we say goodbye forever, Mrs. X reminds us that we can kill her but she will still come back with "I Rise", declaring "I die thousands of times, survived", a song dedicated to artists and exiled, marginalized humans who must struggle to be seen or heard in this world, Madonna is a human, but like everyone else, she is the soul, and the first spirit – and in a time when we are obsessed with binaries and destroying them, it's a bit of a massacre that no one can listen to probably the weirdest version of the weird pop that our world has found.

Identity, and the social construction of ourselves, is what most humans do with smartphones. Whether it's subconscious or conscious, it always plays a role because of the tendency of social media to make us display our own version of the avatar. The feeling of needing to hide away and the anxiety that Madonna found Mrs. X, the freedom to be vulnerable in this world, is something that is far more difficult to reach than the past because we present the commercial version of ourselves. Star ups and downs are not only exclusive to the famous, because anyone who has been with an Instagram account dealing with public and personal self-anxiety, and the possibility of being "burned on a pole" with the "receipt" flame revealed, at the risk of losing everything.

Maybe we should challenge ourselves as a culture to be better, in the way we treat it with hatred of women, lack of openness and understanding, and create trials that make it so symbolic of the pain experienced by so many women and female artists every day.

We can all try to get rid of Madonna's pain but she has one-up on us, because she already knows what will happen next, and now she doesn't seem to care and in society today, we are all Mrs. X: on a search, lost, looking for ourselves and our identity, trying to achieve an idea or aesthetic perfectionism to show what happened to us inside, and try to tell our story whether it was built or real. Maybe nobody cares. And for that, this is the time. We have to dance.

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