Monday , July 26 2021

West informal settlement residents moved

Residents of informal settlements west of Pretoria will be moved.

"Informal settlers from Gomorrah will be moved to where they will have access to water and electricity," said local environmental councilor Frik van Wyk.

"Over the years, Gomorrah residents have lived without water and electricity. It's time they also have access to this service. "

The lack of basic services has caused protests in the past.

Van Wyk said the plan was to regulate around 4 000 residents in two other areas in the same area they lived in.

"This is the only place available and that is determined by studies conducted by metro Tshwane."

He said there were no dates available when the move would be completed.

Van Wyk said the structure for squatters to be erected at the new booth was only temporary.

"There will be houses neatly arranged for them," he said.

"When houses are being built, the huts will only move sideways in the same position until the house is completely built."

Van Wyk said: "These plots will be located about 30m from the nearest house in a residential area that has been established, limited by the field."

He said, however, that the move would not mean the end of Gomorrah, because some residents would remain.

Metro Tshwane is not available for comment when printed.

Infographics: Kayla van Petegem

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