The Industrial Park can be converted into a Special Economic Zone


Director General dti Mr. Lionel in October handled the Industrial Park Symposium in Midrand on Tuesday (Pic provided: The dti)

JOHANNESBURG – The Department of Commerce and Industry (DTI) said on Tuesday that 26 Industrial Parks approved throughout South Africa could become Special Economic Zones (SEZs) that could contribute greatly to the economy and create future employment if given infrastructure right, utility, and management.

SEZs are geographically defined areas that are set aside for specifically targeted economic activities, supported by special arrangements, which may include laws, and systems that are often different from those in other parts of the country.

Speaking at the opening of the two-day Industrial Park Symposium in Midrand, the director general of Lionel in October said all the challenges faced by Industrial Parks in former land areas could be resolved and made more productive, and attract other businesses to operate in them.

October said this could be achieved with the support of the DTI and the department of cooperative governance and assistance with local government infrastructure in traditional affairs.

"When we talk about revitalizing industrial parks, we talk about having the right road for transportation of goods, the right sub-stations to provide electricity, providing cheaper rentals and avoiding overcharging of businesses operating in parks," said October.

"If this is done correctly, this will lead to a decrease in the cost of doing business and make our manufacturing sector competitive and sustainable."

October said it was up to administrators to mobilize these resources and secure budgets from city, provincial and national governments and turn these pledges into concrete forms of world-class facilities.

"We must propose for what cabinet we want to see from these parks and finally they must have the same benefits and support as SEZ. We can also find ways to accelerate this process so that they can also be managed efficiently and businesses can be grouped together, "he said

– Africa News Agency (ANA)


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