The Centurion family is thought to find maggots in fast food


Chicken is bought only to find maggots. Photo: Facebook

A Centurion man has enough to eat from a fast food outlet west of Pretoria.

Katlego Mogale was disappointed to find that he and his wife had bought Chicken Licken food crawled with maggots.

"What happened was that we (he and his wife) went to Chicken Licken in Nkomo Village in Atteridgeville to buy food. The food smells weird. "

He said his wife insisted that the food was broken, but "I gave Licken Chicken the benefit of the doubt."

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He said after he bit for a while on the way home, he decided to open a box of food filled with and smell. "Then it's booming … maggots."

Mogale said he was not impressed and upset at the restaurant because this was not the first time he had experienced a problem there.

"Every time I eat there, my stomach kills me like hell."

Mogale said he thought it was Soulfire sauce, but now he was convinced otherwise.

"I know I've eaten rotten meat all this time."

He said a health inspector needs to check out Chicken Licken outlets.

He said he did not try to destroy Chicken Licken but wanted to help the company improve its services because he was also a loyal customer of the restaurant.

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Mogale accused the restaurant of selling old customers who crawled with maggots.

He said people could say the meat was old because of the stinging smell when he opened the box, "You can see that the meat has been heated".

Mogale pleads with Chicken Licken on Facebook:

"Dear Licken, beg for our health, close Chicken Licken at Nkomo Village in Atteridgeville or find an entirely new staff that respects customers."

Public relations manager for Chicken Licken Amber Mackeurtan said the company was aware of the incident.

"Complaints came yesterday afternoon and we are still busy investigating claims from customers."

Mackeurtan said customers will receive feedback as soon as an internal investigation is conducted.

Chicken Licken said every comment received, good and bad, offered an opportunity to improve the quality of its services.

Chicken is bought only to find maggots. Photo: Facebook

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