Residents affected by a separate Durban salmonella incident


Social media users took to Facebook this week, to complain about falling ill – after eating in the Old City of Italy.

The Umhlanga-based restaurant since confirmed was aware of eleven cases involving customers who have breakfast at a restaurant.

He said that steps were taken to overcome the problem. The Old City of Italy said it was in contact with the Ministry of Health.

Durban resident Nicola Jenvey also said 15 family members also fell ill after a potjie family competition at Hillcrest, two weeks ago.

"We have a family pottery competition and one of the competitors brings creme pudding where you don't fully cook eggs. Out of 20 competitors plus – 15 of us were affected, seven in hospitals, three were treated at the other and five with lighter cases. Five others with mild cases, "Jenvey said.

Meanwhile, authorities are working to show the source of the salmonella outbreak in and around Durban.

ECR Consumer Expert Wendy Knowler told Jane Linley-Thomas that according to the South African Poultry Association – Eggs from suppliers of Italian Old Town were tested and turned out not to be a source of salmonella.

Knowler said he spoke with Colin Steenhuisen of the South African Poultry Association.

"They went to the egg supplier – which they didn't name – where the tests were carried out and sent to the lab. He said the eggs were not salmonella sources. He said salmonella polluted the environment. It could be a knife or cutting board but not eggs," Knowler said.

Listen to the full interview with Knowler below.


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