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R Kelly's friends head 20 star videos that have sex with underage girls – The Sun

FRIEND R Kelly has submitted more than 20 videos of stars having sex with underage girls to the police, reported.

Members of the singer's group were alleged to have provided the recording to federal prosecutors.

    R Kelly arrived in court last month to face charges of sexual abuse


R Kelly arrived in court last month to face charges of sexual abuseCredit: Getty Images – Getty
    Allegations have been circling around R & B stars for two decades


Allegations have been circling around R & B stars for two decadesCredit: AFP or licensor

Separate indictments were filed in federal courts in Chicago and New York on Friday accusing R & B stars, real names Robert Kelly, of bringing women and girls across national borders, keeping them under control, and then paying and threatening victims and witnesses.

Allegations of sexual offenses have circled around Kelly for years, and she has faced charges of sexual harassment brought by prosecutors in the state of Illinois in February.

He denied all charges.

Gerald Griggs, representing the family of one of the victims accused of Kelly, told TMZ that the footage described many victims and that the prosecutor had confirmed with witnesses that the girls were underage.

He added the footage was exactly what was needed to secure charges of sexual crimes, including child pornography.

Kelly was arrested on Thursday night when carrying his dog in Chicago and appeared before a judge on Friday.

He will remain in federal detention at least until Tuesday, when he is scheduled for a detention hearing.

The prosecutor wanted him to be held without collateral.


The charges filed in Chicago on Friday alleged that Kelly had arranged for a girl and her parents to travel abroad to prevent them from talking to police before a 2002 indictment of 21 counts of child pornography.

He also said he then ordered them to lie to the jury about this case.

Kelly was released in 2008 from the indictment, which accused her of videotaping sex acts with the girl, who was 12 or 13 when they met in the mid-1990s.

The charges filed on Friday in New York included allegations of extortion, kidnapping, forced labor, and sexual exploitation of children, allegedly carried out for two decades.

Kelly and his manager, bodyguards and assistants said they chose women and girls at concerts and other places and arranged for them to travel to see Kelly.

They also allegedly set rules that must be followed by women and girls, including not leaving their rooms even to eat or going to the bathroom without Kelly's permission, calling singers "Father", and not seeing other men.

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Gloria Allred, representing the three women identified in the indictment, said: "This is a very positive day for those who charge that they are victims of Mr Kelly, and that is a day that I am sure that Mr. Kelly hopes will never come."

Federal prosecutors said Friday that Kelly had been "brave with his fame and no real consequences".

The accusation came after a major documentary, Surviving R. Kelly, detailed allegations of sexual abuse.

The six-part program was released in January this year, featuring interviews with alleged Kelly victims and fellow musicians Chance the Rapper and John Legend.

Kelly's lawyer, Steve Greenberg, said the latest allegations were "not surprising" and that Kelly must be allowed to send bail.

"It is the most kept secret, he will be charged federal, and he has not fled," he said after a hearing on Friday.

He also accused the federal government of "piling up" on new charges and describing his clients as unavoidable despite a series of charges in recent months.

"I was amazed he did not have a total disruption in dealing with all this pressure," he said.

Greenberg also questioned the testimonies of the victims.

"They accused him in New York of luring people and encouraging people to have sex with him," he said.

"I guess people don't intentionally have sex, so I'm not really sure what criminal activity exists."

    The singer always maintains his innocence


The singer always maintains his innocenceCredit: Getty Images – Getty

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