Netflix launches the interactive Minecraft series


The Telltale Games developer has released the first three episodes of interactive adaptation from Netflix, Minecraft: Story Mode.

This has been adapted from the original version, point-and-click to a simpler version that is compatible with Netflix.

Minecraft: Story Mode allows viewers to choose how the story develops by making decisions at the main interval, rather than playing as a full game.

You will follow Jesse's story, which can be played as a male or female character.

The last two episodes of the first season will be released on December 5, with the possibility of the second season still unclear.

The Telltale game dismissed 90% of its staff in September, retaining only the skeleton staff to fulfill their remaining obligations – such as Minecraft: Story Mode.

Minecraft: Story Mode is available on Netflix on iOS, smart TV, computers, and game consoles.

However, Android users must download the application to access the series.

The trailer for Minecraft: Story Mode can be seen below.

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