Mfundi Vundla about the death of Lerato Khanye


He said that he helped production move forward while at a crossroads and his legacy would continue in the story he left behind.

"When at the crossroads, our writing craft challenges, Lerato's imagination and talent leads us to narratives that entertain and enlighten our audience. The stories have the transcendence that all good stories have. You have left us Lerato but your story still enriches and inspires television viewers. "

In a statement, the Generasi team said they would lose their "dynamic personality and unparalleled work ethic" and expressed their condolences to Khanye's friends and family.

Meanwhile, support and prayer for Lerato's son, Leano, continues to flood social media. Sumber Sowetan said Leano had left school since HHP's death and in counseling to help overcome sadness.

While Lerato and the late hip-hop star are parents with Leano, they have not been romantically involved for years.

Jabba has traditionally married Lerato Sengadi's publicist.


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