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Life saving by knowing the early signs of diabetes

Health practitioner Ekurhuleni has also observed the prevalence of patients with Type 2 diabetes in city health facilities.

Diabetes has been recorded as the second most common cause of natural death in South Africa by the Mortality and Cause of Death in a South African report released by Stats SA in March 2018.

It claimed 25 255 people during the 2014-2016 period, representing 5.5 percent of all deaths (natural and non-natural) during that period.

Type 2 diabetes is often associated with lifestyle and genetic choices.

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When the world observes World Diabetes Day on November 14, the city urges residents, young and old, to pay attention to early warning signs of diabetes.

City manager for non-communicable diseases, Angie Ndhambi, noted that increasing diabetes, especially Type 2, which is largely preventable, can be stopped if people know warning signs and risk factors so they can start living a healthier and more active lifestyle .

Early diagnosis and treatment are key to preventing complications and to achieving good health for those affected.

Statistics as shown in the Death and Cause of Death reports illustrate the consequences of destructive diabetes if it is not handled and managed appropriately, and before.

Family and friends are encouraged to become more aware of diabetes warning signs, which include:

• Blurred vision

• Excessive thirst

• Frequent urination

• Energy shortages

• Numbness in the feet and / or hands

• Slow healing wounds

Those who experience one of the symptoms are encouraged to seek medical attention by visiting one of the main health facilities of Ekurhuleni for a health examination.

While regular exercise and maintaining low sugar levels in your diet are highly recommended, residents are also advised to follow the diabetic plate to prevent related diseases:

• Half a plate must consist of fruits and vegetables

• A quarter of the plate must contain protein

• The other quarter must be flour.

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