Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott were able to get married & # 39; immediately & # 39;


Regardless of his doubts, star & Keeping Up the the Kardashians & 39; said he was convinced that his 26-year-old relationship with Travis could survive the marriage exam.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner take pictures with their daughter Stormi. Image: @ kyliejenner /

LONDON – Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott could "get married soon", according to sources who said the couple was "really happy".

Reality star is 21 years old and Sicko Mode The rapper – who has 11-month-old daughter Stormi together – is reportedly thinking of binding ties, but sources say Kylie is "cautious" about the idea because she saw her sister experience a failed marriage in the past.

The insider said: "Travis and Kylie want to get married soon, [but Kylie is] take a wedding at a more careful step after seeing a past relationship his sister failed. "

Even though he objected, however Compete with the Kardashians The star is said to be confident that his relationship with 26-year-old Travis can survive the marriage exam.

Speaking to People magazine, the source added: "Everything is in a great place with Travis. They are always together and very happy."

The news came after Jenner recently sparked speculation he and Scott got engaged, after he took to social media to share photos from vacation where he could be seen wearing a diamond ring on his finger.

Scott, meanwhile, recently talked about how he wanted them to get married "soon" but he wanted to "apply by fire" first.

He said: "We are only two children, searching. Maybe, like, the first week, you don't know whether it's real or having an affair. Then your second week is like, & # 39; Wow, I am" I still talk to him , I respond. We don't run out of things to say. "And it came to the point where I was like," I need him with me to operate. He is the one. "We will get married soon. I just have to be strong – I have to propose with fire."


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