First of all, look at luxury space hotels


An aeronautical startup named Orion Span announced in April 2018 plans for the Aurora Station, which is expected to be launched in 2021 and begin to host tourists in 2022.

The Orion Span has also launched the world's first luxury space hotel interior.

The station will accommodate six people at once, including two crew members and four guests, for 12 days living in space, the startup said.

The station will surge 200 miles (320 kilometers) above the earth's surface, in low Earth orbit, completing a trip around the planet every 90 minutes. Guests will experience an average of 16 sunrise and sunset each day and have the opportunity to fly over their home city.

Orion Span says that travelers will also experience zero gravity and can fly freely throughout the station.

Guests can also stay in touch or broadcast live with loved ones on Earth using the station's high-speed wireless internet. After returning to Earth, they will be welcomed with a specially arranged hero welcome, according to the statement.


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