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Could your anger be related to lack of sleep?

This study is one of the first to provide evidence that sleep deprivation can trigger anger, with previous studies finding a relationship but not showing a causal relationship according to the researchers. Sleep loss has also been linked to an increase in negative emotions, such as anxiety and sadness, and a decrease in positive emotions, such as happiness and enthusiasm.

"In general, anger is substantially higher for those who are forbidden sleep," Krizan said. "We manipulated how annoying the sound was during the assignment and as expected, people reported more anger when the sound was more unpleasant. When sleep is restricted, people report more anger, regardless of noise."

"Despite the typical tendency to be somewhat accustomed to annoying conditions – uncomfortable shirts or barking dogs – people who are sleep-limited really show a tendency towards increasing anger and distress, essentially reversing their ability to adapt to frustrating conditions from time to time. Nothing shows this before. "

Preliminary results from a separate study by the team also showed that laboratory experiments could also apply to real life, with researchers finding that students participating in the study also consistently reported more anger than usual on days when they were more deprived of sleep.

Researchers are now starting to gather data to see whether deep sleep can even cause aggressive behavior towards others.

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