Monday , August 2 2021

Anger over the resignation of Cape Town's teacher continues

The controversial departure from a Cape Town school teacher from the Rustenburg Girls Junior School has highlighted the larger issues surrounding the transformation in schools in South Africa, a group called Parents for Change said on Monday.

"We were surprised at the circumstances surrounding Ms. Nozipho Mthembu's resignation," the group said in a statement after Mail & Guardian revealed that the first full-time black school teacher left after feeling damaged and unsupported.

"The injustice experienced by Mthembu is only one manifestation of a much bigger parody," said a statement ahead of a press conference to discuss broader transformation concerns scheduled for Tuesday.

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"We are well aware that behind the facade of transformation and diversity, certain people really continue to believe that it is the skin color that defines a person. Over the years, the transformation problem has been swept under the carpet," the statement said. .

Meanwhile, the Western Cape education department stated that the teacher, Nozipho Mthembu, resigned "after legitimate ongoing concerns raised with him".

"To respect his privacy, this has not been revealed," said MEC education Debbie Schäfer.

Call Natalie Maimane from SGB to resign

Mthembu was not immediately available for comment but he told Cape Talk that he was not told what he was doing wrong, and finally felt pressured to resign or lose his credibility.

Schäfer said the only acknowledgment of school errors in this case was due to procedural problems regarding the process being followed.

He said that the department was also unaware of allegations of racism involving teachers and because he was employed by the school management body (SGB), the department did not know the process regarding his appointment and resignation.

"I have also noticed the alleged behavior of some parents in school, which, if true, is not acceptable. SGB has told me that they are working on a code of conduct for parents who have committed to provide parents with comments before the end of the year.

"I will also ensure that parents are dealt with in such unacceptable behavior."

Meanwhile, the ANC in the Western Cape sued Natalie Maimane from SGB, whose husband was opposition DA leader, resigned. Maimane is registered as a GBB with a focus on human resources. The ANC Youth League wants all SGB removed.

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