Saturday , May 8 2021

Ammara puts his head on the block

The Herald

Editor of Godwin Muzari Arts
When some people think Ammara Brown has stretched her confidence too far after announcing she will hold a concert 'Ammartia Ignite' at the Harare International Conference Center (HICC), they are not aware of a burden that is greater than her heart.

Critics felt the place was too big for the concert and suggested that he should go for a smaller place.

But the tiny diva seems determined to attract surprises.

He had swum against the flow and moved the event to a bigger place.

From HICC, ‘‘ Amartia Ignite ’will now be held at Glamis Arena on November 30.

It was a transition from a place with a capacity of around 6,000 people to the entire stadium. Now it's quite a lot of courage and Ammara is on the verge of making history – good way.

Not many people in the league of Ammara musicians will gather the courage to do what he does. This is not for the weak hearted.

But Ammara seems to get the wing of a strong line-up who will decorate his concert. Mr. Eazi from Nigeria will be there. Both of them performed a duet titled "Svoto" and that would be the first time they took him to the stage.

Then there are other famous person pullers in the name Winky D. He is & # 39; Gafa & # 39; which has surprised many international artists with its legendary stage performances. He also filled his own big places.

In fact, the addition of Winky D to the line-up can encourage Ammara to further stretch his confidence without caring about his peak.

Winky D was not part of the initial team set to appear at HICC before the show was postponed due to the cholera outbreak.

Also on the November 30 package are Ex-Q, Takura, Nutty O, Tammy and Chengeto Brown. The turntables will be an unparalleled Judgment Yard, making concerts a mix of variations.

Something will definitely be lit at ‘‘ ‘Amartia Ignite’.

Event spokesman Emmanuel Tivatyi said that they had done the basics and were ready to see the history of Ammara's making.

"The composition of the players is good and we believe this is the best for the venue. Ammara wants to bring herself to another level through courageous movements. Our tickets are valid for $ 5, $ 10 and $ 50 depending on the venue. Mr Eazi said he was ready to fly to Zimbabwe and make a sign, "Tivatyi said.

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