Agrizzi's testimony provided key evidence to the NPA about its need to sue, after a delay of 8 years


The former head of the Bosasa operations official presented key evidence to the state investigation commission on Friday regarding the case of the National Prosecutor's Authority (NPA) which had been running for the past eight years.

For years, the NPA and Hawk were faced with allegations of bribery and corruption involving prison officials and Bosasa.

Then, on Friday, Angelo Agrizzi told the state arrest commission that he personally paid former prison boss Patrick Gillingham.

Agrizzi looked exhausted and complained to the commission chairman, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, that he could not feel the cold air from the air conditioner.

He testified that Gillingham usually received R47 000 per month from Bosasa when he was still working in the Correctional Services Department. However, when he left, Bosasa paid him R110 000.

News24 reported earlier that Bosasa allegedly bribed Gillingham, who was the head of the department's financial officer, and prison boss Linda Mti to secure four tenders between 2004 and 2007, worth around R1.5 billion, including television supplies and fences in prisons across the country, Investigation Unit Special (SIU) was found.

A statement written by former Bosasa auditor Peet Venter, read by evidence leader Paul Pretorius, revealed details of bribes to Gillingham.

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"Mark Taverner, Gavin Watson's brother-in-law, defended Patrick Gillingham in BEE payroll with a salary of R65 000 a month and a company car, Mercedes GLA 200 over and above R110 000 in cash bribes a month," the statement said.

Pretorius asked Agrizzi: "During his tenure in correctional services, was Patrick Gillingham paid for by Bosasa?"

"Yes, that's right," Agrizzi answered.

News24 previously reported that in 2009, SIU completed a report on alleged fraud fraud involving the director and CEO of Bosasa Gavin Watson and the Correctional Services Department.

The SIU report was submitted to the NPA in 2010 and registered maps.

Until now, none of the defendants – all of whom have firmly stated their innocence – have spent their days in court.

Venter's statement also mentions that "the previous opportunity of servers in Bosasa was stuck which resulted in massive data loss. Based on the year [of] dealing with Mr. Gavin Watson, I learned that he had arranged the accident to stop SIU from getting information. "

In response to this, Agrizzi said SIU gave Bosasa a list of items they wanted to mirror on the server.

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"We say they can come in the next few days. What we have set up a month or more before is complete crash data from the server, but it seems the SIU people are a bit brighter than our IT people and they have found some evidence, "Agrizzi testified.

Earlier on Friday, Agrizzi also revealed the "corrupt" Bosasa transaction, explaining to Zondo how Bosasa got money.

He said the company raised fake invoices that did not have a VAT number.

The company will also reset the invoice and not use it more than once or twice.

He also mentioned an event company, saying the invoice was ordered for this company to avoid revenue requests. He also told the commission that there was a time when the name of the deceased was used on the invoice.

He said invoices were pushed through various companies, such as Jumbo Liquor.

The liquor will never be shipped but Bosasa will pay Jumbo and Jumbo will send cash to Bosasa, not liquor, he said in his testimony.

He also told the commission about the death benefit funds that they thought were set up for employees.

"At one stage, employees experienced many difficulties losing family members due to natural causes. We formed a death benefit fund, I implemented a scheme to try and help.

"The certificate of death is always delayed [so] we will pay a down payment to the bereaved person, instead of waiting for the Metropolitan to do all the checks. "

He said that the actual death benefit would be paid through service providers such as the Metropolitan, the initial cash withdrawal made by Bosasa would be used for bribes.

He said this appeared as a normal transaction.


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