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A Hands-Free Podcast Launched with Special Guests (Spoiler: It's Me)


May 17, 2019 by Kyle Field

Friend from CleanTechnica Nico Nevolo (formerly of Tesla Van Life) has launched a new podcast called the Hands-Free Podcast and he brought Tesla Model X to my neck in the woods of Southern California to talk to me about various topics in cleaning up technology space for the first episode.

We talked through subjects including some of my work history, Tesla (obviously, when Nico worked for Tesla for 4 years and lived in Tesla Model X), electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, controversial ideas about Universal Basic Income in the United States, and others. I really enjoyed talking to Nico when we drove from Ventura, California, to Santa Barbara, California, and returned with a little help from the Tesla Autopilot system.

The Autopilot system is actually the star of the show at Nico's Hands-Free Podcast, as he goes around interviewing passengers while the car does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to driving on the highway. I would say that when I drive with engaged Autopilot, I always try to keep the steering wheel and recommend you do the same. After saying that, I didn't feel like we were ever in danger and Nico did a good job integrating driving by talking to our ~ 1 hour chat.

I would be happy if you watch the podcast and let me know what you think about in comments, on Twitter, in e-mail, or whatever your preferred communication media are now. In related news, if you have comments about the topic we are discussing, as usual, put it in the discussion here at CleanTechnica or on the YouTube channel Hands-Free Podcast, where haters tend to hate a little harder for a reason. Drop him some love when you do it.

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