9 facts you need to know about the new Porsche 911 (992)


While at the international launch of the 992 the new Porsche 911 in Spain, we explored some facts that we thought you would like to know about the latest iteration of Zuffenhausen's iconic sports car …

1. "body-in-white" is made of various metals. Steel sheets (hot and cold), aluminum sheets, extrusion profiles, cast aluminum and cast steel are all used.

2. There has been no decision regarding the hybrid version or plug-in of the new 911. The challenge facing Porsche is, as expected, the weight, space for the battery and electric range. The decision will be taken in 2019, though …

3. One of the main engineers managing R & D on this latest engine has been working on a Porsche turbocharged power plant since the 996 Turbo.

4. Johannesburg is an important testing environment for Porsches thanks to a combination of height and heat.

5. The new 911 dashboard design mimics the F-Series (first generation) 911. It is more horizontal and displayed in the previous 911 until the introduction of 996, when strong vertical elements were introduced thanks to the adoption of an appropriate infotainment system.

6. For the first time, the Carrera is offered with larger wheels on the rear than on the front (something previously provided for GT cars).

7. Other elements that have been brought from the 991.2 GT model (GT3 and GT2) are carbon fiber roof options.

8. This Carrera S model touches the N├╝rburgring Nordschleife in just 7 minutes and 25 seconds.

9. Even though 992 is bigger and (more interesting) heavier than its ancestors, the wheelbase does not change.

Article written by Wilhelm Lutjeharms

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